What Kind of Civic Superhero are You?

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Take this quiz to learn your Civic Superhero type and get resources to supercharge your community

You may not swoop down to save citizens from speeding cars, leap tall buildings or fly through the air, but as a driver of government you fight similar battles as you improve public safety, assist with citizen struggles and deliver critical services day in and day out.

To assist you serve your community we created a Civic Superhero Intel Brief, that has a number of tools to support you and the services you deliver. In this Civic Superhero questionnaire, we’ve identified three superhero types and have a list of resources in the intel brief for each. They include playbooks, new research and strategic insights to help you implement innovative technologies, craft effective policies and improve the efficiency of your city.

Take the quiz above to get access to the Civic Superhero Intel Brief and learn your superhero type.

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Since 1999 Accela has provided market-leading software solutions that empower state and local governments worldwide to build thriving communities, attract and grow businesses, and protect citizens. From planning, building, licensing and permitting, to asset and service request management, finance, environmental health and more, Accela’s SaaS offerings are designed to readily solve government’s biggest challenges with extensive domain expertise built into every solution. Powered by Microsoft Azure, Accela’s open and flexible workflow automation technology helps agencies address specific constituent needs today, while ensuring they are prepared for any emerging or complicated challenges in the future. Accela’s solutions serve more than 80 percent of America’s largest cities. Accela is headquartered in San Ramon, California, with additional offices around the world.

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