Accela Hemp Regulation

Facilitating economic growth of safe, regulated hemp

 Support hemp cultivation and processing with a licensing solution that handles the intricacies of hemp production

Hemp is experiencing a popularity surge with recent legalization at the federal level and a rapidly growing number of acres under cultivation. Now state agencies are faced with the task of licensing a regulated crop, including managing complexities such as field location restrictions, planting and harvesting requirements, storage limitations, and mandated testing and inspections. Fortunately, the Accela Hemp Regulaton solution simplifies the process of licensing, inspecting, and overseeing hemp operations, for both cultivation and processing.


  • Easy-to-use solution for busy cultivators

    Hemp cultivators work long hours, from early sunrise to late into the evening. They need the ability to apply for licenses, receive updates, and upload documentation in the few moments they have time to spare. Available anytime from anywhere, Accela makes it easy for your customers to transact business on their schedule.

  • Automated workflows reduce staff manual tasks

    Customizable workflows with pre-defined logic rules reduce the manual effort required to review and approve license applications. Agency staff can focus time on the cases that need attention, not on processing routine applications.

  • Make data-driven, efficient decisions

    Reporting and data tools help drive decision-making. With real-time access to data such as number of growers and processors, number of license applications in queue, total acres under cultivation, and planned disposition of each crop, department staff can make informed decisions that drive policy.

  • Remove barriers to economic growth

    Remove roadblocks for growers and processors of hemp with a simple licensing workflow, convenient online portal and two-way communication. A painless licensing process makes it easy for growers and processors to enter or expand hemp operations.

Interested in learning more? Find out how Accela Hemp Regulation can enable your agency to modernize its processes and regulate this emerging industry.


  • Empower your team

    Optimized workflows

    Intelligent workflow routing, automatic notification, and online plan and document review simplifies the approval process, reduces the number of manual steps, and keeps applications flowing smoothly through the approval process.

    Consolidated information

    No more hunting for missing documents. All information relevant to the case is digitally attached to the case, including license information, case history, compliance violations, test results, or planting and harvest plans.

    Full transparency

    Always know the current status of any application in the system. Accela makes it easy to see the full application queue and know exactly who is working the case and the next step required for approval.

  • More effective field inspections

    Mobile apps enhance productivity

    Using Accela mobile apps on their device of choice, field inspectors can perform inspections, collect critical data, record GIS locations, take photos and video, or upload other document field visits.

    Full access to site history

    Even in areas without mobile connectivity, inspectors have full access to site history, including past inspection findings, test results, crop plans, and compliance history.


Interested in learning more? Find out how Accela Hemp Regulation can help you simplify your processes.