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Director, UX + Product Design, Accela

Designing for Inclusion and Accessibility in Govtech: A Journey of Empathy and Collaboration

My foray into the world of accessibility began over a decade ago during my time as a lead content strategist for a large online bank,…
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Make the most of Accelarate 2022 in the Accela Experience Center

Profile picutre of Nova Wehman-Brown

Nova Wehman-Brown

| Accelarate
After the past two years of hosting our govtech conference Accelarate online due to COVID-19 precautions, we’re very excited to bring back…
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Meeting the Moment in the Accela Experience Center at Accelarate 2020

Accelarate 2020, Accela’s annual user conference, is going 100% virtual this year which provides some unique and additional ways we can engage with attendees.
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