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Accela 2018 Trendsetter Awards Honor Government Innovators


State and Local Agencies Showcase Digital Innovation Initiatives at the Accelarate Trendsetter Awards

After three days of keynote talks, breakout sessions, panels, product demos and networking, officials in government technology space closed Accelarate, Accela’s customer conference, by honoring agencies and individuals that had made an impact in their communities.On Friday, Accela’s Chief Product Officer Jonathan “J.K.” Knight announced the winners of this year’s Trendsetter Awards at the Atlanta CNN Center. Awardees represented a divers mix of cities and counties from across the U.S. Each distinguishing themselves in the innovative ways they leveraged Accela’s Civic Platform to improve services and the lives of residents.Under the theme of “Governing the Future together,”… Continue reading

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How SaaS Opens Doors for Innovative Staffing and Leadership

Jason Shueh

Learn How the Cloud and SaaS Can Enhance State and City Recruitment Efforts

Hiring top IT talent has always been the bane of government and today it is even harder as technologies evolve, budgets shrink and a wave of baby boomers finish their careers. The AARP estimates there are approximately 10,000 baby boomers turning 65, retirement age, every single day — a trend projected to go past 2030. In state and local IT departments the exodus has resulted in a loss of expertise that has become difficult and costly to replicate. Technical skillsets needed to maintain older systems are vanishing, with new staff unwilling or apprehensive to learn outdated coding languages and techniques…. Continue reading

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Five Critical Components to Any Business and Occupational Licensing Solution

Jason Shueh
economic development

From adaptable design to launch-readiness, learn the essential technical components you should demand in an IT business and occupational licensing solution

Effective business and occupational licensing tools are an essential ingredient to any modern city. They amplify customer service, increase agency revenues, reduce costs, break down the barriers for data sharing between departments and energize economic development initiatives. Yet the complexities of government, coupled with an immense variety of licensing tools, can present difficulties. State and local CIOs can be hard pressed to decipher what is needed. Departments have to consider the level of integration between their new licensing systems and supporting systems. They must decide whether to build their solution on premise or off…. Continue reading

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Guest Blog from Buildingeye | Referendum for a Dream: Why Data Standardization Is the Next Evolution for U.S. Cities

Matthew Gonzales
The private sector has always led the race in technological advancement, usually leaving government agencies and city municipalities decades in the past. However, one of the few places where government entities have been pressed forward in this area is for defense applications. Yet collaborative technology partnerships continue to move forward—and even in the past few years, we’ve seen how companies like Accela and governments have been working together in mitigating disasters. Appallicious has a disaster assessment dashboard to help citizens in disaster situations and are working directly with FEMA. DigitalGlobe was recently able to help the U.S. military move their assets in place during the massive flooding in Colorado and even the California wildfires this past year.Through such a powerful partnership,… Continue reading

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Guest Blog from Code for America | Open Data and Flamingos at Accela Engage: 2013 User Conference

Today’s guest blog post comes from Code for America, an Accela partner and attendee at Accela Engage: 2013 User Conference in San Diego this week: By Ashley Meyers, Development and Engagement Manager, Code for America A year ago, when I first met Maury Blackman, CEO of Accela, and Kris Trujillo, then senior software architect (since promoted to Director of Software Development), we spoke about support for the 2013 Oakland Fellowship project. Little did I know that Accela would become a generous corporate sponsor of our 2013 programs and a partner on open data and data standards. Thanks to funding from Accela and other local match partners — including the Akonadi Foundation,… Continue reading

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If These Walls Could Talk: The Case for Open Housing Data

Erica Harvill
Accela is partnering with San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and Code For America to launch the House Facts Data Standard. Today, Jack Madans, Community Manager for Code for America, shared his thoughts on the partnership, the standard and the case for open housing data: With an average of 36 million Americans changing homes every year, we’re a country constantly on the move. But too often there’s more than meets the eye at an open house. Broken plumbing, faulty heat, pests, or absentee landlords are just some of the unpleasant surprises that arise after the lease or deed is signed. More seriously, poor ventilation, asbestos, mold, and lead constitute hidden hazards that can lead to poisoning and chronic disease…. Continue reading

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