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Guest Blog from VuSpex | It’s a Win-Win-Win: Government, Accela and Industry Partners Work Together for Even Greater Results

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François Richardson

| GovTech
We’re energized following a great week at Accela Engage. The event brings together agencies from around the world, best-of-breed partners and the growing Accela ecosystem.
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Guest Blog from Code for America | Open Data and Flamingos at Accela Engage: 2013 User Conference

Today’s guest blog post comes from Code for America, an Accela partner and attendee at Accela Engage: 2013 User Conference in…
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Guest Blog from Microsoft’s John Shewchuk: Accela and Microsoft Hackfest — Providing Access to Open Data, Online and Off-Grid

By John Shewchuk, Technical Fellow and the CTO for the Microsoft Developer Platform A few weeks ago several of us…
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Accela Engage 2016 Is Shaping Up to Be Bigger and Better Than Ever Before

As the team here gets ready to open up registration next week for Accela Engage, I can’t help but think back on Accela Engage…
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Open Data Is Here: How Will You Bring Your Agency’s Data to Life?

The office has been buzzing with excitement this week with the launch of We’ve been hard at work to bring…
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Ride-along with the Fort Worth Stormwater Management Division’s Field Operations Work Crew

While in Fort Worth, Texas, for the inaugural Accela Asset Management User Group (AAMUG) meeting last month, the Fort Worth Stormwater Management Division invited several…
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Guest Blog: Building a Better Palo Alto with Civic Insight

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Civic Insight, one of Accela’s app partners.
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Featured Customer: El Paso, Texas, Speeds Service and Centralizes Information across Multiple Departments

There are so many powerful examples of local governments across the nation improving internal efficiencies while enhancing the way they deliver services to residents…
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