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A Camp Cook, a Fly Bat, and Food Safety

Darryl Booth

Accela honors Maricopa County, Arizona, for food safety innovation and similar communities invested in environmental heath

The Phoenix skyline in Maricopa County, Arizona. (Jason Corneveaux / Flickr) Editor’s Note: As part of Accela’s commitment to environmental health, and the technologies that support it, Accela’s  General Manager of Environmental Health Division Darryl Booth spotlights the annual Samuel J. Crumbine Award for Excellence in Food Protection and celebrates Maricopa County, Arizona, for winning it a second time in 2018. A Camp Cook I spent the Memorial Day Weekend camping with my two sons. The Sierra Nevada Mountains near my home were perfectly appointed for awe-inspiring hikes and delicious camp-food…. Continue reading

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Accela Engage Series: Q&A with Jana Sanders, Informatics Director for Fort Wayne-Allen County, Indiana

Kelly Delaney
With nearly 20 years of public service experience, Jana Sanders guides the technological needs of the Fort Wayne-Allen County Department of Health, where she serves as the Informatics Director. This is her first time presenting at Engage. What are you most looking forward to at Engage 2016?Learning new and innovative ways to leverage technology to promote community engagement utilizing Accela. What do you hope to learn at Engage 2016?More in-depth features of the Accela Civic Platform and Accela Citizen Access that will aid in process improvement and strengthen communication both internally and externally. We are always looking for ways to better utilize Accela and technology to streamline processes and increase efficiencies,… Continue reading

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Accela Engage Series: Q&A with Darryl Booth, SVP and GM of Accela Environmental Health

Kelly Delaney
I had the opportunity recently to sit down with Darryl Booth, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Accela Environmental Health, and ask him a few questions about Accela’s upcoming annual civic tech conference. Darryl joined Accela last year from Decade Software, where he served as President and worked with sales, marketing and product development to deliver high-quality environmental health software, and he continues his mission here at Accela. Have you attended Engage in the past?I was fortunate enough to attend Engage 2015 not long after joining Accela last July. What do you enjoy most about Engage?So many bright minds in local and regional governments together,… Continue reading

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Environmental Health Informatics – Saving Lives?

Darryl Booth
The Environmental Health world, like other government domains, is fertile ground for aspirational data projects. Local Health Departments consistently capture records of applications, permits/licenses, inspections, violations, complaints and the time spent providing services. Financial accounting is also key to doing business. In some ways, our collected data is like a dashboard camera, constantly recording video out the windshield of an Uber car. In most cases, the video is never retrieved and studied…until there’s an accident (or a UFO sighting), in which case, it’s gold! The difference is that dashboard cams are cheap. Data collection is extremely expensive, yet expected without question. The “Dashboard Cam Effect” can be evident when we hear things like the following: Data Collection Dashboard Cam “Our data is collected,… Continue reading


Environmental Health Is a Contact Sport

Darryl Booth
Environmental Health leaders and practitioners convened in Orlando this month to fortify core practices and study emerging public health matters during the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA)’s Annual Educational Conference & Exhibition. Each year, for nearly twenty years, I attend and often bring a new staff member to get a flavor of environmental health and to internalize its mission. NEHA’s new charismatic Executive Director, Dr. David Dyjack, made a splash with his keynote address. Taking a posture reminiscent of President Roosevelt’s fireside chats, Dr. Dyjack introduced himself and called upon NEHA leaders, members and staff to embrace a three-point strategy, which included activating environmental health professionals,… Continue reading

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