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ICMA 2019 Roundup: The Role of Technology in Emerging Regulations

David Maxwell
Emerging technology presents a difficult challenge for government agencies tasked with balancing citizen rights, public safety and privacy with the demand for new economic opportunity. Often, agencies are slow to react until new technologies have already disrupted a community’s equilibrium. At the 2019 ICMA Conference in Nashville this month, I discussed the challenges of emerging regulatory arenas with fellow panelists Anuj Gupta, Deputy City Manager of Santa Monica, California, and Amy Hamilton, City Manager of Richmond Heights, Missouri. Topics included the emergence of e-scooters, short term rentals, cannabis legalization, and still-developing technologies such as autonomous vehicles and drones. Throughout the presentation and discussion, several key themes developed to assist city managers and others tasked with licensing and regulating new technology…. Continue reading


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Seizing the Shift: 3 Ways to Harness Digital Transformation in 2019


Accela CEO Gary Kovacs spotlights three strategies for mayors and local leaders to answer resident demands and improve services at the same time.

Accela CEO Gary Kovacs Editor’s Note: This article was originally published by Government Technology magazine and Route Fifty.Technology is changing government, new industries are changing government, resident expectations are changing government. These pressures are a given in 2019 as officials work tirelessly to keep residents happy and services running.Yet with these shifts, Accela CEO Gary Kovacs sees a game changing opportunity for governments to achieve what previous leaders could just dream about: a complete and lasting digital transformation. In an open letter to mayors and local leaders,… Continue reading

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