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Diana Almendarez is a Product Marketing Manager at Accela where she is focused on the Environmental Health and SRM solutions as well as horizontal technologies including GIS and analytics.

Building Safety, Technology and You – How Coordination is Key to Keeping the Public Safe

Building safety is a crucial part of our communities. Whether it be at home, at work or the places we go for fun, we rely…
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Reflections on the 2023 CUPA Training Conference – A First Timer’s Experience

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Diana Almendarez

| GovTech
Last month, I had the opportunity to attend the 25th California Unified Program Annual (CUPA) Training Conference in Anaheim, CA. In a few words, the…
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Fostering Agency Success Through Tech Transitions: An Environmental Health Example

Within the government technology market, mergers and acquisitions are common. These strategic moves can offer benefits for technology users, including new capabilities and an expanded…
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