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Open Data Delivering on Its Promise to Bring Governments and Citizens Together

Profile picutre of Jeff Stiles

Jeff Stiles

| Open Data
The open government movement is gaining critical momentum, and that shouldn’t be a surprise. Making the data the government collects publicly available has the power…
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If These Walls Could Talk: The Case for Open Housing Data

Accela is partnering with San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and Code For America to launch the House Facts Data Standard. Today,…
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Guest Blog from Buildingeye | Accela Engage 2014: Startup Pioneers of Open Data to Converge In San Diego

The Open Data movement is primed to fundamentally shift the paradigm on how citizens interact with their governments. This will be the primary focus for…
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“Data-Hungry” Is the Sentiment at the Code Across America Hackathon

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Jason Shueh

| Open Data
“In just one word, how are you feeling this morning?” That was one of the ice-breaker questions every participant of the “Hack Your City with Your…
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Five Critical Components to Any Business and Occupational Licensing Solution

From adaptable design to launch-readiness, learn the essential technical components you should demand in an IT business and occupational licensing solution Effective business…
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Open Data: From Coast to Coast

Profile picutre of Mark Headd

Mark Headd

| GovTechOpen Data
The last few weeks have been big for open data and civic innovation. Awareness of the power of open data, the new ideas it…
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Business & Occupational Licensing: 5 Things Every Government Should Expect from their Vendor

It’s no secret that cities and states have an affinity for small businesses. They provide services in areas big box stores might dismiss…
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Three Ways Cities Can Take Advantage of Summer’s Short-term Rental Boom

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| Data ScienceMobility
Whether travelers stay at a seaside cottage in the Florida Keyes, an hacienda in Arizona, or go all out and splurge on a Park…
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