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There’s a shift happening in how we get information, use services and communicate with others. It’s a mobile shift.

Forrester, a leading market research firm, calls it the “mobile mind shift” and describes it as an “expectation that I can get what I want in my immediate context and moments of need.”

As companies like Uber and Amazon continue to leverage mobile technology to reach customers during these specific “mobile moments,” it’s not as easy for government to engage their “mobile” citizens.


Because, unlike businesses, governments can’t target their customers with a service tailored to a specific need. Government must serve everyone by delivering a multitude of services as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

At Accela, we believe that governments, regardless of size, should have the best tools to meet their residents where they are, when they need it. With the Accela Civic Platform, citizens are able to use their mobile device as a tool to connect with government.

By empowering citizens to easily connect with government on their mobile devices — from submitting a pothole request or streaming council meetings to getting an up-to-the minute summary of neighborhood activities on their street — we are enabling agencies across the country to meet their citizens’ new expectations for service delivery.

As part of the Mobile Citizen blog series, we’ll highlight how the Civic Platform is helping agencies of all sizes engage their mobile citizen and stay ahead of the “mobile mind shift.”

Check back over the next several weeks for additional blog posts and information on ways to see first-hand how our products are helping agencies engage the mobile citizen!

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