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What Kind of Civic Superhero are You?

Content loading… Please enable javascript! Which Unsung Hero of Marketing Are You Most Like? Emerging regulatory challenges Community engagement Process improvement and efficiency Budget shortfall Cybersecurity Data-driven decision making / analytics Legacy systems Talent acquisition / retention Other Government publications / media Colleagues Private sector Events Other Business licensing Permit processing Service requests (311) Emerging regulation (short-term rentals, cannabis, scooters, etc.) Public safety Environmental health Other The Data-driven Detective The Frontline Phenom Maverick Mastermind

Take this quiz to learn your Civic Superhero type and get resources to supercharge your community

You may not swoop down to save citizens from speeding cars, leap tall buildings or fly through the air,… Continue reading

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Using Accela To Meet Department Needs And Save Money

Scott Connors
Guest Blog from City of Pittsfield, Massachusetts Recently our Building Maintenance Department informed us of the upcoming license renewal for their internal work order system for the City of Pittsfield. This system was used to report a building issue to the Building Maintenance department, and also housed all of their preventive maintenance calls. Upon further investigation, we learned the cost for renewing the license and bringing the application up to date would be a staggering $42,000. Accela to the rescue A search was conducted to find a less expensive suitable replacement. During the search process, I realized we had a product in our arsenal which could do the job…. Continue reading

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Startup in a Day: Have You Accepted the Challenge?

Rob Cassetti
Earlier this week, we hosted a webinar on the national Startup in a Day initiative. The White House is working with the National League of Cities, and has challenged governments across the country to reduce the new business licensing and permitting process to less than a day. As of last week, 71 cities and Native American reservations have taken up the challenge. I was joined by Clarence Anthony, Executive Director of the National League of Cities and former mayor of South Bay, Florida, and Peter Koht, who previously focused on small business support with the Economic Development Department in Santa Cruz, California, which inspired him to cofound OpenCounter…. Continue reading

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Bringing the Ten Faces of Innovation to Accela

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the Accela family! As a member of Accela’s Product Management team, which is responsible for product vision and planning, I need to understand what is important to government agencies. The team looks for ways to ensure our customers’ goals are met across all of our solution offerings. Pulling from different areas in and outside the company helps us accomplish this, which is why I attended IDEO’s Ten Faces of Innovation seminar led by coauthor Jonathan Littman. The seminar brought people from Pandora, UCSF, Walmart, Cisco and, of course, Accela – a great group with varying expertise and backgrounds…. Continue reading

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Hacking for Civic Good at CodeAcross 2015

Mark Headd
Code for America is holding its fourth annual CodeAcross event this month in the U.S. and around the world. On February 20 & 22 join government agencies, developers, community organizers and others for a weekend of civic hacking and open data innovation. This weekend coincides with International Open Data Day as well as the last weekend of the Code for America Fellows’ residencies in their partner cities.The CodeAcross events bring together passionate groups of people and provides an opportunity for them to get involved in their communities. This year’s theme for the event is Principles for 21st Century Government, including: Design for people’s needs Make it easy for everyone to participate Focus on what government can do Make data easy to find and use Use data to make and improve decisions Choose the right technology Organize for results Accela is thrilled to not only be a supporter of Code for America,… Continue reading

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Extending the Civic Platform to Connect Government and Citizens

Maury Blackman
With the Accela Civic Platform, we want to align government and citizens to build better communities.  By continuing to expand our platform, we can help agencies of all sizes with a wide variety of solutions. Accela’s core focus has been around land and asset management and business licensing, so when we looked to grow our platform we stuck to offerings that fit and were an extension of these solutions. We have added Legislative Management, Recreation and Resource Management, Environmental Health and Safety, Citizen Relationship Management and Right of Way Management to our platform and continue to add new capabilities to help agencies innovate and engage citizens…. Continue reading

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Community in Action: Recap of CityCampSF

Lawrence Grodeska
Last month a passionate group of citizens gathered at the Code for America headquarters in San Francisco, California, to share, listen and take action to build a better community. I was one of the organizers of CityCampSF, an event that brought over 200 citizens together to discuss what is most important to them and their community. The event kicked off with welcoming remarks from myself to an exciting mix of public, private and nonprofit sector citizens. The opening panel hosted by GovFresh revealed insights about pioneering civic innovation within the City of San Francisco from Chief Information Officer Jay Nath and Chief Data Officer Joy Bonaguro…. Continue reading

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5 Government Technology Trends to Watch in 2015

Megan Lunetta
There’s no denying that technology helps you deliver services faster—giving you the ability to improve your civic operations. With an ever-changing technology landscape, municipalities are pressured to transform and adapt quickly. As the evolution in technology and government grows in 2015, we not only need to evaluate trends, but also understand what makes sense for your city and your citizens. Here are the top five local government technology trends to check out in the coming year: 1. Platform technology gives you flexibility when solutions can be built faster and specific to your agency needs. With Platform as a Service (PaaS) expected to gain 40% annual growth through 2017, … Continue reading

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Civic Tech: What It Is and Why You Should Care [Free Report]

Maury Blackman
“Civic technologies provide the platform and tools to fuel government transformation, and this journey is just beginning.” Civic tech aims to solve the problems facing citizens. With technology we can help government agencies engage their communities in new ways and modernize the way they serve citizens. This can be anything from voting automation to data access and transparency to crowdsourcing ideas for community improvement. Civic tech is a growing area for state and local governments, as well as funding agencies and start-ups. We teamed up with the International Data Corporation (IDC) to develop a free report: “Civic Tech Fuels U.S. State and Local Government Transformation.” The report estimates that U.S…. Continue reading

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CivicMakers Movement Spreading from Coast to Coast

Lawrence Grodeska
This originally appeared as a guest post on on October 15, 2014. What’s your latest gripe about government? Maybe you can’t figure out how to make a quick online payment for that parking ticket from last weekend? Or you missed the public comment period on the massive construction project next door because it was scheduled for 2 p.m. at City Hall? Could be that you’re just tired of the endless bickering between two political parties that don’t really seem to represent the views of any real Americans. Considering the inefficiency of our government services, it’s no wonder that the hallmark of this political age is overwhelming civic cynicism…. Continue reading