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Cannabis Legalization in Canada Increases Demand for Regulatory Tools, Oversight

Jason Shueh

The News Signals Significant Industry Growth and Provides U.S. Cities and States Another Reference Point for Regulation

(Vaska037 / Flickr) Policymakers and industry analysts are already speculating about demands for new licensing and enforcement measures this month after Canada legalized recreational marijuana.Canada’s Cannabis Act, that took effect on Oct. 17, set Canada apart as the second country to legalize the drug nationally since Uruguay approved recreational marijuana  sales in 2017. The decision to legalize cannabis has prompted a rush for the drug in Canada with consumers standing in long lines and flooding retail websites. The Quebec Cannabis Society (Société Québécoise Du Cannabis, SQDC), an organization tasked by the Canadian government to manage cannabis sales,… Continue reading

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3 Strategies for Regulating Cannabis

Jason Shueh

Denver’s former licensing expert Judy Steele highlights key ingredients in the city’s successful cannabis regulation program


(Photo Credit: Creative Commons/Flickr) With 30 states that have legalized medical marijuana, and eight of those that have legalized recreational marijuana, Denver’s former cannabis licensing expert is offering authorities guidance to regulate the advancing industry.   Judy Steele, the former deputy director of Denver’s Department of Excise and Licenses (DEL), shared three strategies that helped Denver become the first U.S. city in 2013 to successfully regulate recreational marijuana. Steele, who is now Accela’s director of Cannabis Regulation, outlined the strategies in a webinar last September with the intent to assist localities that are launching marijuana licensing programs or improving their current cannabis licensing strategies. … Continue reading

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