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Update: Event dates have been updated to Oct. 6-9, 2019.

In 2019 Accelarate, Accela’s customer conference, is moving to the Mile High City from Oct. 6-9.

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper has rolled out the red carpet for the government innovators, influencers and change makers that will meet in Denver for a week of talks, training, panel sessions and networking opportunities.

As a pioneer in digital innovation, Denver and the state of Colorado are known for their efforts to modernize services through smart city technologies like open data, smart infrastructure, autonomous vehicles and have one of the best cybersecurity programs in the country. Denver is also a pioneer in emerging markets like cannabis, where it used Accela’s Civic Solution for Cannabis Regulation to ensure proper safety, enforcement and distribution methods for local businesses.

To learn more about Accelarate 2019 and how you can participate use the form below to get email  updates. For details on the conference, click here to visit the Accelarate event site.

Accelarate 2018 Coverage

Day 1: Spotlighting Smart City Advances, Atlanta’s Chief Resilience Officer Opens Accelarate 2018

At the Welcome Reception on day one, Atlanta’s Chief Resilience Officer Amol Naik talked about Atlanta’s investments in smart city innovation and how the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities program is improving the quality of life for residents.

Day 2: Government Innovator Aneesh Chopra Calls for ‘Open Innovation’

Aneesh Chopra, the president of CareJourney and the former U.S. Chief Technology Officer, explains the importance of “public sector open innovation,” and calls on state and local governments to search for new technologies and best practices outside of their own departments and jurisdiction

Day 3: Study Finds Emerging Regulations Will Redefine Permitting, Inspections and Oversight

The Center for Digital Government released a new national study, where researchers surveyed more than 125 state and local government professionals to gauge the impact of emerging technologies on policy and regulation. The research found new regulations will likely have a sweeping impact across a broad swath of government functions.

Accela 2018 Trendsetter Awards Honor Government Innovators 

Here are the winners of this year’s Trendsetter Awards, accolades that went to governments and individuals that leveraged technology to improve service delivery in their communities.

Accelarate 2018: See the Gallery

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