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Accela Closes Largest Investment in the Government Tech Market

Maury Blackman
At Accela, our goal is simple: to make interactions with and between government agencies and with citizens easy. We can accomplish this by bringing the public sector to the cloud. With that, I’m excited to announce that this week we closed $143.5 million in new funding – the largest investment in the government technology market. “I think this news from Accela speaks to the momentum we’re seeing across the country in how governments deliver innovative services to their citizens. In my dual roles as Mayor of Sacramento and current President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, I’ve been leading an effort I call Cities 3.0, where our Nation’s cities are becoming hubs of innovation,… Continue reading

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Moving Right-of-Way Management from Spreadsheets to Cloud-Based Coordination [Upcoming Webinar]

Brad Steer
Coordinating projects in the public right of way keeps traffic moving and people safe. Agencies around the world are using technology to do just that. Winnipeg, Canada, is a great example of a city that moved from managing projects in spreadsheets to cloud-based, right-of-way planning between different departments, government agencies and utility companies. With online project collaboration, Winnipeg was able to achieve: Real-time, map-based coordination and communication Conflict detection prior to road construction and street activities Optimization of limited budgets and cost-sharing opportunities Greater transparency and citizen engagement Tune in to the webinar hosted by Governing on March 5th at 11 am PT to hear how Derrick Saedel,… Continue reading

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Extending the Civic Platform to Connect Government and Citizens

Maury Blackman
With the Accela Civic Platform, we want to align government and citizens to build better communities.  By continuing to expand our platform, we can help agencies of all sizes with a wide variety of solutions. Accela’s core focus has been around land and asset management and business licensing, so when we looked to grow our platform we stuck to offerings that fit and were an extension of these solutions. We have added Legislative Management, Recreation and Resource Management, Environmental Health and Safety, Citizen Relationship Management and Right of Way Management to our platform and continue to add new capabilities to help agencies innovate and engage citizens…. Continue reading

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Customer of the Month: Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government Improves Water Quality Management

Andrew D'Ottavio
With Asset Management, we can track all our assets. It has better enabled us to track areas of need for the sake of planning future construction and capital construction projects. In 2010, the Division of Water Quality was tracking more than 16,500 records across 22 databases annually. The challenge: siloed communication made monitoring and reporting in compliance with U.S. EPA and Clean Water Act requirements a slow, difficult process. Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government’s solution was to automate major operations of the Division of Water Quality, allowing them to more effectively: Manage construction projects Prioritize requests for service Assign work orders and automate work scheduling Build an asset library and maintenance history Regulate discharge of materials With Accela Asset Management on the Civic Platform,… Continue reading

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Announcing Accela Connect: Accela’s Partner and Developer Conference

Ken Sawtelle
We’re excited to announce Accela Connect, our upcoming developer and partner conference! We are bringing together developers, partners, customers and Accela employees to connect, network and learn. The event offers our partners and developers a variety of learning opportunities, including: Lightning Talks to share success stories Developer and Partner Speed Networking Hands-on Training Accela Connect Hackathon led by Mark Headd and Seth Axthelm, offering opportunities to build the next killer apps for cash and prizes Partner Express Training and partner meetings to learn more about the partner program and initiatives, see how partners can earn more revenue by marketing and growing their pipeline, and see what’s next in the Civic Platform Accela Connect is a great place to meet with thought leaders in the civic technology space…. Continue reading

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Improving Citizen Trust in Local Government [Free Issue Brief]

Daryl Blowes
Local governments strive to engage citizens in the legislative process to build trust and better communities. Local meetings are a great place for citizens to have their voices heard and understand how to get more involved in their city. With busy schedules or poor timing, citizens are not always able to attend local town hall or legislative meetings in person, making it difficult to stay informed. Getting access to the information discussed is also a lengthy and difficult process for both citizens and government officials, involving costly, labor-intensive work to share minutes and other documents. Offering modern, online tools to boost transparency and encourage citizen participation not only builds greater trust in local government,… Continue reading

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5 Government Technology Trends to Watch in 2015

Megan Lunetta
There’s no denying that technology helps you deliver services faster—giving you the ability to improve your civic operations. With an ever-changing technology landscape, municipalities are pressured to transform and adapt quickly. As the evolution in technology and government grows in 2015, we not only need to evaluate trends, but also understand what makes sense for your city and your citizens. Here are the top five local government technology trends to check out in the coming year: 1. Platform technology gives you flexibility when solutions can be built faster and specific to your agency needs. With Platform as a Service (PaaS) expected to gain 40% annual growth through 2017, government agencies are jumping on board to gain the advantage of a one-stop shop…. Continue reading

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Think Before You Cut: Collaboration in the Public Right of Way [Free Issue Brief]

Megan Lunetta
  “The most reliable way for local agencies and utilities to collaborate is to create a neutral platform where all stakeholders can share information on projects and work together.” Road construction, street cuts and repaving cause disruptions to all of us. And when the same street gets dug up repeatedly – what we call the dreaded double street cut – people get frustrated. You know when the pothole, pipe underneath and the fiber optic cable all need to be worked on at the same time and same place, but because they are coordinated by different entities the street gets dug up multiple times? This scenario and many like it happen everywhere and far too often,… Continue reading

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Civic Tech: What It Is and Why You Should Care [Free Report]

Maury Blackman
“Civic technologies provide the platform and tools to fuel government transformation, and this journey is just beginning.” Civic tech aims to solve the problems facing citizens. With technology we can help government agencies engage their communities in new ways and modernize the way they serve citizens. This can be anything from voting automation to data access and transparency to crowdsourcing ideas for community improvement. Civic tech is a growing area for state and local governments, as well as funding agencies and start-ups. We teamed up with the International Data Corporation (IDC) to develop a free report: “Civic Tech Fuels U.S. State and Local Government Transformation.” The report estimates that U.S…. Continue reading

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Accela Launches Citizen’s View: A New Way to Discover What’s Happening in the Streets

Megan Lunetta
Picture this: you get in your car to go about your day. Maybe you’re going to run some errands or heading to work, but the street is blocked and it’s a familiar sight—road construction. If you’re like me, you want to pull your hair out. Then, when you calm down you think to yourself: Wouldn’t it be nice to know what’s happening in the streets before leaving the house? Enter our new Accela Right of Way Management solution: Citizen’s View. With Citizen’s View your agency can launch a responsive, configurable website that shows road construction, traffic impacts and community events on a map, calendar, timeline and more to engage and inform citizens…. Continue reading

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