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Accela Offers California Cities Aid with New Building Permit Extension

Jason Shueh
planning, building, construction
Starting Jan. 1 cities and counties will be extending the time developers have to comply with building permit regulations and Accela is ready to assist governments that may need help adjusting services. California Gov. Jerry Brown signed California Assembly Bill 2913 (AB 2913) on Sept. 21, easing some of the tight building permit compliance deadlines placed on developers. Prior to the law, developers who received a building permit for construction were expected to comply with all building codes currently in force, no matter when those codes were added. This meant builders that received a permit were still required to comply with a code even if it had been added or updated after construction plans were approved or construction was underway. Continue reading

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Bernalillo County, New Mexico, Upgrades from Kiva to Accela Civic Platform

County Reduces time to Certificate of Occupancy with Concurrent Electronic Plan Review Across Departments Bernalillo County, New Mexico, has a longstanding commitment to improving transparency and citizen engagement. In 1998, the County introduced Kiva to provide an enterprise computer system tool for land, permitting and request for service (RFS) information to its citizens. In 2004, KivaNet was introduced online. Rene Sedillo, Planning and Development Technology Manager with Bernalillo County, was on the team that originally selected and implemented Kiva. He and a business analyst were responsible for managing the system, including setting up all workflows, processes and record types. While the solution met Bernalillo County’s… Continue reading

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Two Planning and Building Applications Aim to Accelerate City Housing through Data, Mobile Apps and Analytics

Jason Shueh
Two new planning and building apps reduce overhead and maintenance costs, offering out-of-the-box tools   To accommodate the heightened demand for housing, cities have employed a number of mechanisms, from policies that promote affordable housing and rent control, to economic development programs that seed new construction and support first time home buyers. Yet no matter the city or its preferred housing strategy, a common challenge faced by all cities is having enough capacity to process the many transactions required to build or modify their residential properties. For this, and other planning and building tasks, Accela introduces two simple, yet sophisticated, solutions: the Accela Civic Application… Continue reading

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Building Safety Month: A Cause for Celebrating Community Development

Kelly Delaney
This month, we celebrate Community Development agencies, who oversee the building and permitting codes that save lives and businesses. Accela software helps them do it. May is Building Safety Month, a public awareness campaign driven by the International Code Council (ICC) to highlight the different elements needed to build safe and sustainable structures.  As the ICC says, building codes save lives. We spend a significant amount of our lives inside structures, so having a safe place to live, work and play is crucial. Building codes, and the local Community Development municipal agencies that oversee and implement them, protect citizens and businesses from many dangerous events… Continue reading

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