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Software Moves Fast – and It’s Only Getting Faster

Profile picutre of Troy Coggiola

Troy Coggiola

| CloudGovTech
With each passing year, constituent expectations of government online services are held closer to the levels of the commercial applications the public uses every day.
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Innovation via integration: How Olmsted County tapped Velosimo and Accela to improve service delivery and efficiency

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Ken Sawtelle

| GovTech
Residents entrust government to ensure that new developments are safe and within planning guidelines. That’s a big job that requires staff and a lot of…
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Turning Accomplishments into Advocacy, and Advocacy into Opportunity

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Kelly Delaney

| GovTech
Accela helps city, county and state agencies like yours make big changes. From increasing efficiencies to breaking down silos to providing expertise that meets our…
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How End-User Trust is the Lynchpin to Cloud Adoption in Both the Public and Private Sectors

While many industries were already shifting toward greater SaaS adoption pre-COVID, the pandemic has given governments a much needed push to further embrace the…
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Building Capacity With GIS

This article was originally published in the June 2022 issue of the Journal of Environmental Health. Through university classes, career development, or on-the-job…
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How a Cloud-Based Civic Platform Drives Modernization

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| GovTech
State and local agencies nationwide are moving to create more constituent-friendly processes. They’re embracing modernization via cloud-based technologies, with an eye toward bolstering the underlying…
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Future of GovTech: Rise of the Metaverse

This is the 2nd article in a new ‘futures’ series authored by Remo Prinsloo, a Lead Solution and Futures Architect for Accela in…
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Partner Summit 2022: Partnering for Success

On May 12, Accela’s bi-annual Partner Summit will be held in person for the first time in three years. During the…
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